Our Story

 Guuuu Our Story

The name Guuuu is a short form of “Gu ba”, which means beef in Hainanese. However, instead of a single ‘u’, the family-owned business decided on four ‘U’s to signify the close ties between the four brothers and cousins who had come together to set up Guuuu.

Before Guuuu was born (figuratively), Grandfather Lee, whose family had emigrated to Singapore from Hainan, China set up the family’s first stall along Killiney road in 1957.

From its humble home at Killiney, the family built the beef butchery business, establishing itself as a quality beef purveyor. The business grew rapidly with strong word-of-mouth. The neighbourhood butcher had made good. 

Today, Guuuu has widened its reach into wholesale supplying for restaurants while maintaining its presence in the markets. The family continues to hold fast the bonds fostered with their long-term partners in Singapore such as Crystal Jade, Imperial Treasure, Asia Grand, Yakinikutei Ao-Chan, Hor Fun Premium and 明牛肉河粉.

At the same time, Guuuu has expanded into new territories, bringing with them their firm belief and a single promise to their customers – quality meat at affordable prices.