Japanese vs Australian Beef Grading Standards - A beef between the two?

In our last article, we shared with you the Japanese and Australian grading systems. Now you’re probably wondering, what the differences are between these two systems. In this article, we will share with you all you need to know!

Here is a short recap of what we covered previously, before we get to the meat of this topic. The Japanese grading standard is dependent on fat colour, meat colour, ribeye shape, size of ribeye area, and intramuscular fat percentage, which refers to its level of marbling.

The Australian Grading System takes into account all factors that affect eating quality, thus measuring a comprehensive number of attributes that include meat and fat colour, marbling, carcass weight and fat depth.

Japanese vs Australian Grading Standards

Guuuu | Japanese and Australian Wagyu Beef

Guuuu Australian and Japanese Wagyu Beef

How then do the Japanese and Australia Grading Standards compare?

It can be challenging to compare Australian and Japanese wagyu directly. There are many different ways wagyu can be produced, every farmer has different methods and production processes.

If you are referring to the beef type, there is no direct comparison between the beef from both regions - just like how wine from different countries each have their own distinctive qualities. With that, we cannot determine the better between Japanese and Australian beef. Here at Guuuu, we have both Japanese and Australian cuts up for selection, so why not give them both a chance to find out which caters better to your preference?

However, if you are referring to the quality levels of beef, the image below illustrates the equivalent grades between Japan and Australia.

Guuuu | Japan vs Australia Grades

Japan vs Australia Grades 

There are 12 marbling levels in Japan, as compared to 10 in Australia (0 to 9). Hence, marbling levels 8 to 12 would be considered an A5 grade in Japan. A grade 8 and 9 AUS-MEAT score in Australia, would then be very similar to an A5 score given to a Wagyu in Japan.

Finding the Perfect Cut

Although grading determines the quality of your beef, finding the perfect piece of meat still boils down to your very own preference. Some individuals prefer stronger flavours and textured cuts, while others may prefer a milder taste with an extremely tender finish. With a plethora of beef options Guuuu has available - ranging from the top-tier A5 Japanese Wagyu to beef cuts sourced from Australia and the United States, you are sure to find the perfect cut for your next culinary adventure. 

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